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at MAVO 2023!!

3 Hour Mastery

Website Creation Class*

(*websites designed on WIX, does not include domain name or hosting)

At the end of the class you'll have the

knowledge to control your online presence



Limit 12 Participants

In this MAVO Mastery Class you will learn the "must have" elements needed for your VO-Website. Together, will work step-by-step through the process of building YOUR professional and effective voiceover website. Showcasing your talent, demos, and personality. Whether you're new to website building or have some experience, this learn-by-doing course will provide you with the skills and tools necessary to create, update and expand a website that sets you apart from the competition.

After this Mastery Class, not only will you have the knowledge,

but you will have a NEW PROFESSIONAL VO SPECIFIC WEBSITE ready to be hosted!






Here's what you can expect:

  • 3hr online course learning about VO websites and what is needed and why

  • Learn how to create and edit website (desktop/mobile) using WIX.

    • Does NOT need to be hosted with WIX. Site can be exported to other host providers. We will discuss discounts available for WIX hosting if interested.

    • I am not affiliated with WIX, nor to I receive any compensation from them. WIX is the platform I know extremely well and to teach this class there needs to be only one platform used.

    • Plus WIX has a ton a great feature to explore on the back end.

  • Colors, fonts, backgrounds, photos, players can all be personalized and rearranged to fit your brand.

  • Together we'll create a 1-page, professional, function-able VO specific website (desktop & cellphone).

    • Demos easily found and downloadable

    • Additional links (ex. resume, Calendly, Youtube, etc) easily added

  • Leave with the knowledge of how to edit, update and expand their site.

  • Option of keeping me on as an admin of your site for any future needs.

  • Upon completion you will take ownership of your site.


  • I will provide an additional up to 60 minutes 1-on-1 session, if needed (online) a week or so after the class, to answer any questions/concerns, help “tighten up” the website, double check mobile site is in order and help make any personalized changes


Here's what is expected of you:

Participants must complete the following prior to taking the class

  • You MUST have a WIFI enabled laptop to use during class

  • Join WIX for a free account 

  • Have ready in a separate folder on your computer

    • Any photos

    • Demos

    • Written bio, ready to cut & paste

    • All social media links, ready to cut & paste

    • All contact info

    • Any taglines and/or vocal descriptors

    • Any videos and/or links to videos on Youtube, Vimeo, etc

    • Upload this folder to a Google Drive (I'll send link to you when registered). This way I'll have access to make any changes needed as well.

  • Upload this folder to a Google Drive (I'll send link to you when registered). This way I'll have access to make any changes needed and help me determine the best direction for your new website!!

Limit 12 Participants
Any questions?

Check out Stephanie's


Check out Pete's


Check out Raisha's


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Take Control of Your Online Presence!!

"Jim took my basic website and elevated it to a more professional level. It is streamlined, visually beautiful and a site I am proud to send current and potential clients as well as agents and casting directors to. My pictures are beautifully aligned and my demos are front and center for visitors to sample and download. 10 out of 10 I will continue to use his services."

Terry Briscoe - Voice Actor

"I cannot recommend Jim’s services enough- I cannot tell you how many compliments and comments I’ve gotten on my webpage since Jim set it up. They immediately knew my brand, my personality and how that effects my product/services."

Kat Jade - Voice Actor

"He is a DESIGN MASTER! I never imagined that I could have such a professional looking website! The communication is top notch. He let me know every time he had a little fun and asked if it was alright. Not only was it alright, but inspired! Thank you Jim Fronk. You really created some magic for something that I have been struggling with for a while."

Stephanie Johnson - Voice Actor

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